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The leading cause of vehicle breakdown is battery failure

Not only does your vehicle’s battery provide for dependable starting power, it’s also responsible for delivering the power needed to run your interior and exterior lighting, power seats, windows, radio, and other electrical components and accessories. You can optimize your vehicle’s battery life when you have battery service performed by the experts at Tire & Service Network locations. Battery service includes:

  • State-of-the-art computerized battery tests
  • Premium battery replacement (as needed)
  • Corrosion removal from battery cable terminals
  • Proper disposal of the existing battery

Battery services are backed by the Tire & Service Network Limited Warranty.


How does battery service enhance my vehicle's performance?

  • All of your vehicle's systems rely on a working battery
  • Some of the many factors that could damage the internal components of a battery include under-hood temperatures, vehicle vibrations, and extreme cold/hot climate conditions

How frequently should I have my battery checked?

Most premium batteries will last about four years. However, you'll probably want to have your battery checked if you're experiencing electrical-system warning signs, such as:

  • Your vehicle needs a jump-start to get it going
  • Your engine turns over slowly, if at all
  • The warning lights on your dashboard turn on
  • Electrical components in your vehicle stop working

For more ways to help keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, check out Dunlops tire-care and maintenance guidelines.

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