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Help avoid overheating and other serious engine damage by periodically replacing your belts & hoses

A regular belt and hose service at Tire & Service Network locations includes our experts:

  • Conducting a thorough visual inspection of all belts and hoses
  • Replacing all worn belts and hoses that show evidence of wear or damage
  • Ensuring the fit of installed belts, hoses, and related components

Belt and hose services are backed by the Tire & Service Network Limited Warranty.

Why do I need to check and/or replace my vehicle’s belts & hoses?

Your engine may have one or many belts, but they’re essential to proper operation. For instance, the water hose keeps your vehicle from overheating, and power steering hoses permit you to drive safely. Proper care will help prevent unexpected breakdowns, overheating, and the engine damage that can result.

How often do my belts and/or hoses need to be replaced?

Belts generally need to be replaced ever 30,000 mi — 60,000 mi (50,000 km —100,000 km). However, you should replace belts sooner if you see:

  • Visible cracks appear in the belt material
  • A belt is splitting, peeling or fraying
  • You hear a whining or screaming noise when your engine is running

To avoid problems, your hoses should be checked at every oil change. Also replace hoses as soon you notice any of these issues:

  • Hoses are bulging or appear inflated
  • The hose material has hardened to the touch
  • You can see cracks or surface irregularities along the hose
  • Clamps at the ends of the hoses look worn or corroded

For more ways to help keep your tires in tip-top condition, check out Dunlop’s tire-care and maintenance guidelines.

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