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Vibrations, grinding noises, and chirping are common signs of unlubricated driveline components

Before the experienced, certified technicians at a Tire & Service Network locations can perform driveline services such as drive shaft repairs, they begin with a comprehensive inspection which includes checking for:

  • Excessive movement in the constant velocity (CV) and universal joints
  • Noises or vibration during acceleration
  • Loss of lubricant in transmission fluid levels

How does the driveline help with my vehicle’s performance?

You know that power that gets transmitted from your engine and is used to deliver torque to your vehicle’s wheels? That’s your driveline system. It’s these mechanisms, including the drive shaft and universal joints that help produce that smooth, responsive handling and speed.

Do I need to get my driveline checked frequently?

Your owner’s manual may have specific recommendations for how to properly care for your driveline system, including specific lubricant and lubricant interval recommendations.

However, vibrations, rumbling noises, squeaking, grinding, clunking, or loud metal-on-metal chirping sounds could signal it’s time to service your driveline components.

For more ways to help keep your tires in tip-top condition, check out Dunlop’s tire-care and maintenance guidelines.

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