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Help protect your engine from overheating by flushing your radiator’s antifreeze annually

When the experts at Tire & Service Network locations perform heating and cooling system services, they begin by flushing the old antifreeze from your radiator and filling it with new coolant. This helps ensure that your vehicle's cooling system stays properly maintained, so that you, your engine, and your radiator remain at a comfortable temperature.

Heating and cooling system services also include:

  • Inspecting your radiator for antifreeze leaks or damage
  • Refilling radiator coolant levels as needed
  • Checking your air conditioner's interior vent temperature, pressure cap, thermostat, hoses, and compressor belt
  • Ensuring that the cooling system pressure is set to manufacturer specifications
  • Testing all of the heating and cooling system controls and blower

Cooling System Services are backed by the Tire & Service Network Limited Warranty of 12 months or 12,000 mi (20,000 km), whichever comes first, for standard parts and labor.

How do heating and coolant services enhance my vehicle's performance?

  • Flushing and filling your radiator's antifreeze keeps your engine running cooler and also helps prevent overheating, freezing, and corrosion. This is because both your heat and air conditioner share the same coolant to work off of
  • The anticorrosion and lubricating properties in coolant naturally begin to break down over time. This allows potential engine-damaging rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits to form throughout the cooling system

Do I need to flush and replace my coolant frequently?

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