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Purchase checklist

Purchase checklist

Looking into buying tires may not seem exciting but, you'll notice a difference in your vehicle's appearance and performance once you're driving on new Dunlop tires. Here are some tips for how to prepare and what to expect while shopping:

  • First, find the make and model of your vehicle. Your Version/option might also be required, which is sometimes called your package level. In the example Honda Accord EX V6, EX V6 is the Version/option. Please check your vehicle's owner's manual for your version
  • You can also use your tire size. Your tire size should be on your tire's sidewall. It could also be listed on the placard inside your driver's side door or in your owner's manual.
  • Consider whether you drive around town, take frequent long trips, or drive on- or off-road, as tires are designed to serve a variety of functions, like street performance and long, comfortable rides.
  • Ask what's included in the tire price, such as balancing, valve-stem replacement, installation, Tire Pressure Monitor System service, and wheel alignment, which could be necessary if the previous tires wore unevenly.
  • Selecting optional Road Hazard Coverage helps protect your investment if your tires come into contact with scrap metal or other items that could puncture them.
  • Consult the Dunlop tire experts at Tire & Service Network locations so you can weigh your options, discuss the features and benefits of each tire, and make a confident decision.